Dr. Anastasia Baryshnikova

Anastasia Baryshnikova, Lewis-Sigler Fellow at the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton shares her scientific journey from starting as an undergraduate at the University of Milan in Italy, to joining Dr. Charlie Boone’s laboratory in the Department of Molecular Genetics. Anastasia highlights key memories from graduate school, advice for current and prospective students considering a career in academia, and her research interests in mapping the functional organization of the cell on a global scale. Click here to 

Dr. John Calarco

John Calarco, Bauer Fellow, Harvard University, discusses launching his career in the FAS Center for Systems Biology, after completing his doctoral work with Dr. Benjamin Blencowe and Dr. Mei Zhen in the Department of Molecular Genetics. John talks about falling in love with experimental research during his PhD, his experience running his own research program, and how he is tackling fundamental questions regarding how splicing decisions are regulated in neurons and the implications for development and function of the nervous system. 

Dr. Wendy Dobson-Belaire

Wendy Dobson-Belaire, Management Consultant at IMS Brogan, the Canadian division of IMS Health, discusses her career trajectory from completing her PhD with Dr. Scott Gray-Owen in the Department of Molecular Genetics, to obtaining an MBA, to embarking on management consulting for pharmaceutical companies, governments, and trade organizations. She highlights the benefits of having a PhD and the transition from bench science, and provides advice to students thinking about career opportunities in consulting.