Every year, MoGen provides a 12-week summer research program for undergraduate students to gain hands-on laboratory experience. This program culminates with a poster session in which the students present a summary of their work. This year, the poster session was held on August 6th in the MSB stone lobby. The turn-out and quality of research presented was the best yet! The stone lobby was packed full of students and faculty and you had to squeeze your way through from poster to poster. Lively discussion could be heard all around. Click here to find out what the students had to say about the event!

Bakhtiyar Taghizada, a summer undergraduate student from the Claycomb lab, had this to say, “the summer research program was a really cool and valuable experience, but what I appreciated the most was that the professors were not only interested in the data we could obtain during the summer, but they really cared about how to train us for a future in research.” This sentiment was reiterated by many other undergraduate students, who said that this experience inspired them to pursue a career in research and that they look forward to returning to MoGen for their graduate studies.