Grad Info Day was held on April 1st this year and welcomed the largest group of perspective students yet: over 50 attended and a significant portion had already submitted their acceptance letters! Herculean efforts were made by the Graduate Students’ Association and the Graduate Recruitment Committee, especially Brian Ciruna, Gary Bader, Ian Scott and Julie Claycomb, for coordinating key aspects of the day and making sure everything ran smoothly.

New recruits were given an introduction to the department by Howard Lipshitz, Peter Roy and Julie Claycomb. Students were introduced to the range of research topics found in the department by Amy Caudy (“Metabolomics for enzyme discovery: Stryer and Lehninger only tell part of the story!”), Ian Scott (“How to build and rebuild the heart – Swimming towards answers”) and John Dick (“Cancer: the dark side of stem cells”). The professors got really creative with their talk titles this year!

The GSA entertained the new recruits with a pizza lunch, and then they had paired interviews with faculty. The GSA members also escorted them between interviews and the majority of the recruits found their way to the right professor (one poor student still managed to get lost though). The day culminated in a poster session at the picturesque Hart House music room with light snacks and a cash bar. It was extremely well attended with the room being completely packed with students and faculty.

The day ended with a dinner/pub night at Prenup Pub. It was a lively event and all throughout the pub, arguments can be heard over whose lab was the best. The very last recruit ended up leaving at 2AM in the morning! Overall, the day ran extremely smoothly. If you missed out on the Grad Info Day, have no fear. There is still one last round of applications and rumours have it that there may be a second, smaller information session in June.