This workshop educated students on other options in academia besides becoming a principle investigator/professor. Again, standards were held high and the panelists were amazing, consisting of: Jonathan Turner, PhD (Career Educator at the Career Centre), Eugenia Tsao, PhD (Learning Strategist at the Academic Success Centre), Payam Zahedi, PhD (Manager of Scientific Affairs at Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine) and Liam O’Leary (Graduate Programming Coordinator). As always, the advice given was broadly applicable and helpful for all graduate students, no matter what stage they were at in their career. A favourite line of the night was “it’s not necessarily bad to procrastinate, but procrastinate strategically.” Work is already under way for the next set of career development workshops. If you are still unsure what career path you would like to pursue or how to get there, be sure to attend as many as you can. There is also plenty of free snacks and coffee!