The February Career Development workshop was co-organized with the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology. The Career Ambassadors really went above and beyond for this workshop. They implemented a “Mock Industry Job Interviews” component, which started with students submitting their CVs for four different job postings and then attending an interview with an expert in that field. This option was immensely popular. It provided extremely valuable feedback to students on how they should apply for jobs and practice for how to conduct interviews, which are opportunities that are hard to come by in graduate school. The panel discussion was also very lively and useful. The keynote speaker was John Millholland, PhD (Associate Director at Novartis) and additional panelists consisted of Ronan Rogers, PhD (Medical Liason for Biogen), Jeremy Sivak, PhD (Professor at the University of Toronto & Research Investigator and Project Leader at Novartis) and Eric Lee, MSc (R&D Technical Coordinator at Septodont). All speakers emphasized that industry is a very different atmosphere from academia - It is much more fast-paced, there are usually more meetings and collaborative work, the business lingo takes some getting used to, but there is also the promise of medium-sized barrels of money.