As part of our day of science and celebrations, we will be holding a Career Development Networking Session over the lunch period. This event is organized by MoGen students, and a wonderful networking opportunity for members of the department.

The goal of this session is to connect current trainees with alumni that have gone on to pursue exciting careers in a wide variety of fields. We hope this casual setting will facilitate discussion including personal anecdotes about career choices, struggles, and successes. 

We invite all engaging alumni to participate as mentors for current trainees. To manage the event, alumni will be categorized into six distinct career fields including:

  • Policy, Government, and Law

  • Science Communication and Writing

  • Academia

  • Biotechnology and Industry 

  • Medical Related Fields 

  • Professional Degrees


If you are an alumnus/alumna eager to participate, please register and join us on May 31!

We will contact all alumni who have registered to request participation in the workshop and for more details about your career path, starting later in March. You may also indicate your interest in the comment box of the registration form, or reach out to the MoGen department by email.