MMG 1120Y Clinical Rotations I

Coordinators: David Chitayat and Cheryl Shuman

This rotation will provide opportunities for students to observe various specialty clinics and thereby learn first-hand about some common genetic disorders. Students will see (and often speak with) patients/families alongside the interprofessional team of healthcare providers with expertise in those disorders. Students attend 1-4weekly half day clinics from September through to the beginning of December. Specialty clinics include: adult and paediatric hemoglobinopathies clinic (thalassemia, sickle cell anemia), adult and paediatric cystic fibrosis clinic, Surrey Place Centre (children and adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities), hemophilia, Huntington disease, spina bifida/spinal cord, neuromuscular clinic, assisted reproductive technologies clinics and the Motherisk program (teratology information). In the second semester, students will attend and participate in the Genetic Metabolic and Newborn Screening Clinics, Prenatal Genetics Clinic, Breast/Ovarian Cancer, Laboratory Genetics as well as one of the following: Ocular Genetics, Cardiac Genetics or Adult Genetics. This will allow students to learn about and develop genetic counselling skills including case management (assessing new referrals, case work-up, and provision of genetic counselling, case follow-up). Refer to the Clinical Rotations Sites for details on clinic locations and to the Rotation Learning Objectives folder for clinic specific learning objectives. Average time commitment: 8-10 hours per week;. this time does not include preparation and review