MMG 1220Y Clinical Rotations II 

Coordinators: David Chitayat and Cheryl Shuman

This rotation-based course will provide the students with the opportunities to further develop clinical skills by providing genetic counselling to patients and their families. This course will also support development of case management skills (e.g. assessing new referrals, case work-up, provision of genetic counselling, case follow-up).  Clinics will include paediatric genetics outpatient and inpatient services, prenatal genetics clinic, Cancer genetics (paeds or GI) and one of the following: Ocular genetics, Cardiac Genetics or Adult Genetics. A four week elective opportunity is provided and students can select a preferred area of focus from those offered. Refer to the Clinical Rotations Sites for details on clinic locations and to the Rotation Learning Objectives folder for clinic specific learning objectives. Average time commitment: 8-12 hours per week; this time does not include preparation and review.