Andrew Fraser, Ph.D.


University of Toronto
The Donnelly Centre
Rm. 1212, 160 College St.
Toronto, ON, M5S 3E1

Phone #: 416-978-2712

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How variations in genome sequence affect phenotype in C. elegans


Postdoctoral Fellow: Wellcome/CRC Institute, U.K.
Postdoctoral Fellow: Cold Spring Harbor
Ph.D.:  University of London, U.K.
B.Sc. - University of Cambridge, U.K.

Fields of Interest:

  • Genetic Models of Development and Disease
  • Functional Genomics and Proteomics


Research Interests:

We want to understand how variations in genome sequence affect phenotype in health and disease. To do this, we use the nematode worm as a simple model system in which we can perturb the function of any gene in any genetic background and learn how to predict the outcome.


Accepting Rotation Students: