Julie Brill, Ph.D.


Hospital for Sick Children
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning, Rm 15-9716, 
686 Bay St.
Toronto, ON M5G 0A4

Phone #: 416-813-8863

Web Site:   http://www.sickkids.ca/AboutSickKids/Directory/People/B/Julie-Brill-Staff-Profile.html


Phosphatidylinositol phosphates in animal development


Postdoctoral Fellow:  Stanford School of Medicine
Ph.D.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.A.:  Swarthmore College

Fields of Interest:

  • Cellular and Molecular Structure and Function

  • Genetic Models of Development and Disease


Research Interests:

 Phosphatidylinositol phosphates (PIPs) are membrane lipids with critical roles in cell signaling, yet little is known of their functions in animal development. Using Drosophila, we discovered novel roles for PIPs and their regulators in cytokinesis, gametogenesis and organelle biogenesis. Our future studies will uncover molecular mechanisms involved in these processes.


Accepting Rotation Students: