Ronald Cohn, M.D.


Hospital for Sick Children
Div. of Metabolic & Clinical Genetics, Suite 960
525 University Ave.
Toronto ON M5G 1X8

Phone #: 416.813.7654 ext. 228780


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Paediatrics, Genetics, Molecular Biology of Neuromuscular Disorders


Postdoctoral Fellow:  University of Iowa and Johns Hopkins University
M.D.:  University of Essen, Germany

Fields of Interest:

  • Genetic Models of Development and Disease
  • Molecular Medicine and Human Genetics

Research Interests:

Maintenance of muscle mass in inherited and acquired muscle disorders
Molecular mechanisms of muscle regeneration and fibrosis
Hypotonia with a particular focus on muscle and connective tissue disorders
Translating next generation sequencing into daily clinical diagnostics and management

Currently Accepting Graduate Students