Bret Pearson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Hospital for Sick Children,
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research &
Learning, Rm. 18-9713, 686 Bay St.,
Toronto, ON M5G 0A4

Phone #: 416-813-7654 ext. 328370


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Planarian as an in vivo model system to study stem cells and regeneration


Postdoctoral Fellow:  University of Utah    
Ph.D.:  University of Oregon
B.S.:  University of Wisconsin, Madison

Fields of Interest:

  • Genetic Models of Development and Disease
  • Molecular Medicine and Human Genetics

Research Interests:

We focus on how adult stem cells make a correct cell lineage in space and time to replace the exact number of cells lost to tissue turnover or injury. To this end, my lab uses the freshwater planarian as an in vivo model system to study stem cells and regeneration.


Accepting Rotation Students: