Helen McNeill, Ph.D.


Mount Sinai Hospital
LTRI Rm. 881
600 University Ave.
Toronto, ON, M5G 1X5

Phone #: 416-586-8267

Web Site: http://www.mshri.on.ca/mcneill/


Tissue growth and tissue organization control by the large cadherins Fat and Dachsous


Postdoctoral Fellow:  Stanford University
Ph.D.:  Stanford University

Fields of Interest:

  • Cellular and Molecular Structure and Function
  • Genetic Models of Development and Disease

Research Interests:

A major focus of the laboratory is the study of how tissue growth and tissue organization are controlled by the large cadherins Fat and Dachsous.  We use Drosophila, tissue culture and mouse models  to understand why mutations in the Fat/Dachsous pathway leads to cystic kidney disease and cancer.


Not Accepting Graduate Students