John Parkinson, Ph.D.


Hospital for Sick Children, Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning, Rm. 21.9709
686 Bay St.
Toronto, ON M5G 0A4

Phone #: 416-813-5746

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Evolution and operation of biological systems that pertain to human disease


Postdoctoral Fellow:   University of Manitoba
Postdoctoral Fellow:   University of Edinburgh, U.K.
Ph.D.:  University of Manchester, U.K.
B.Sc. (Hon): University of Bath, U.K.

Fields of Interest:

  • Computational and Systems Biology
  • Molecular Microbiology and Infectious Disease


Research Interests:

Our labs interests are focused on the evolution and operation of biological systems, particularly those that pertain to human disease. Specific systems of interests include those that allow bacterial pathogens and parasites to survive and persist within their human hosts. In collaboration with the NIH, we are actively developing and applying novel integrative strategies that combine mathematical models with functional genomics to target parasite metabolism.


Accepting Rotation Students: