Sevan Hopyan, M.D.-Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Hospital for Sick Children
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning, Rm. 16-9713
686 Bay St.
Toronto, ON M5G 0A4

Phone #: 416-813-7654 ext. 301266


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Morphogenetic mechanisms that shape the limb bud


Postdoctoral Fellow:  Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
Clinical Fellow:  Royal Children's Hospital, Australia
M.D., Ph.D.: University of Toronto

Fields of Interest:

  • Genetic Models of Development and Disease

  • Molecular Medicine and Human Genetics


Research Interests:

My lab studies morphogenetic mechanisms that shape the initial limb bud and what early molecular events specify skeletal pattern. Our goals are to quantitatively model limb bud growth in 4D, and use what we learn to bioengineer a limb bud in a dish. We also identify mutations that cause human anomalies.


Accepting Rotation Students: