Philip Awadalla, Ph.D.


Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
MaRS Centre, Suite 6-42
661 University Ave.
Toronto, ON, M5G 0A3

Phone #: 647-260-7990

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Organization and evolution of biological systems


Postdoctoral Fellow:  University of British Columbia and University of California, Davis
Ph.D.: University of Edinburgh
M.Sc.: University of Toronto

Fields of Interest:

  • Molecular Medicine and Human Genetics
  • Computational and Systems Biology


Research Interests:

Working with empirical genomic data and modern computational models, the laboratory addresses questions relevant to how genetics and the environment influences the frequency and severity of diseases in human populations. Our work focuses on next generation genomic tools to capture genetic determinants of phenotypes, specifically associated with aging, cancer and infectious diseases, from large population cohorts as well as family based studies.


Accepting Rotation Students: