The specialist program is designed to be a research-intensive program that gives students the necessary training to pursue graduate education in a field that uses modern techniques in molecular biology (genomics, cancer research, microbiology, stem cells). For this reason we place emphasis on laboratory courses and courses, particularly in the fourth year, that cover current topics of research in great detail. Many of the students who choose a specialist degree go on to graduate school although many others go to earn professional degrees in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, etc. Students in our specialist program have additional access to research opportunities and are invited to our annual retreat where they interact directly with professors, post-docs and graduate students.

The major program is designed to give students a basic and fundamental understanding of molecular genetics and/or microbiology. Less emphasis is placed on laboratory work but there is increased flexibility to combine classes with other majors. Several of our MGY major students have chosen second majors in Biochemistry, Immunology, Cell and Systems Biology (Genome Biology or Cell and Molecular Biology), various Human Biology programs (Health and Disease, Global Health, Neuroscience, and Genes Genetics and Biotechnology).