Summer Research Projects

Summer research projects for undergraduate students are available in the Department of Molecular Genetics. Research in the department addresses questions of fundamental importance in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology using bacteriophage, bacteria, yeast, flies, nematodes, and mammalian cells as model systems.

The summer research program runs for 12 weeks, from May to August. Students applying to the program should have an average of B+ or better. Successful applicants will receive a stipend. This program is only for students working with faculty members on campus (Medical Sciences Building or Donnelly Centre).

There are 2 main sources of external funding:  The Life Sciences program at the University of Toronto and NSERC.  The department is allocated a very small number of NSERC studentships which can be held only in a lab holding an NSERC operating grant.  We are allocated significantly more Life Sciences Fellowships. You must meet the application deadline below in order to be eligible for external funding.

How to apply

1.  Browse the research interests of the faculty

2.  Directly contact the faculty member(s) whose interests excite you.  We suggest including a copy of your transcript and a brief resume/CV

3.  Once a faculty member has agreed to supervise you for the summer, download the application form (link below), fill it in and give it to your supervisor, who will then submit it to the program co-ordinator.
To download an application, click here (PDF file)

The application deadline is March 28th, 2014 but early applications are encouraged.