Students in the M.H.Sc. in Medical Genomics have a diverse set of backgrounds. To account for the varying interests and needs, the Capstone Practicum is either performed in Patient Management or Laboratory Practices.

Practicum in Patient Management
Genomic medicine is enabling a range of clinical interventions. This course will explore the current and future tools for genomics-driven patient management. Students will engage in hands-on practical exercises designed to prepare them for clinical practice from patient intake through consultation and post- testing counseling. We will focus on current best practices for patient management in Canada and the US, with units focusing on patient intake, the current and future actionability of genetic information, implications of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, and management and notification of potentially affected kin. Students will prepare and present case studies based on actual primary data from collaborating research institutes.

MMG 3007H, Session 5 (Winter 2), 78 hours, 1 FCE

Practicum in Modern Genomics
We have developed a hands-on laboratory curriculum for teaching state-of-the-art genomics techniques. This course will be delivered as a hybrid of lecture, hands-on laboratory exercises, and extensive computer-based analysis of genomic samples. Students will be given a sample from human-sourced material and tasked with applying much of the knowledge gained throughout the preceding four terms as they generate, analyze, and follow up genomic testing data. Students will complete this course with the ability to perform and analyze genetic and genomic assays, and be ready for employment in clinical or research laboratories.

MMG 3008H, Session 5 (Winter 2), 78 hours, 1 FCE