Dr. Jacques Côté
Laval University
Host: Dr. Eric Campos
Reading and writing epigenetic marks for genome expression and stability
Monday October 16 @ 4PM
Fitzgerald Building, Room 103, 150 College Street

Our research aim is to understand chromatin dynamics associated with gene regulation, DNA repair and replication. We study protein complexes that control acetylation and methylation of histones, and the composition of chromatin. We dissect the molecular mechanisms of epigenetics, in which signals to chromatin mark different genomic loci and are read by effectors to translate a biological response. Our work has characterized the structure and function of several protein complexes, identifying their intrinsic recognition modules for the epigenetic histone signature. Accurate writing and reading of these epigenetic marks lead to changes in chromatin dynamics, in a targeted manner within the genome, and this process is subverted in cancer.