M. Sc. Course Requirements 

MMG1010H: Molecular Genetics Colloquium

This is a mandatory course for all Molecular Genetics M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, to be completed during the fall term of the first year of graduate study. The Colloquium consists of ~12 weekly departmental seminars that will be presented by invited world-class scientists. The seminars are open to the entire department and will run from 4-5:15pm every Monday afternoon. Prior to each seminar, students will read a set of 2-3 designated papers/reviews recommended by the invited seminar speaker to familiarize them with the topic at hand. Students will also meet in small groups of about 10-15 members prior to each seminar to discuss the research papers and develop a set of questions to submit to the seminar speaker prior to the seminar. After attending the seminar, students will meet with the seminar speaker to discuss the research. This course provides first year graduate students the opportunity to develop important skills in evaluating scientific research, while learning about a broad range of research areas from experts in each field. 

See Seminar Schedules for the list of invited speakers.

MMG 1012H°: Topics in Molecular Genetics I

Students must take 2 course topics in order to complete this course. The mark in this course is the average of the two marks obtained in the topics taken. Note: all graduate students in our department must complete MMG1012 (i.e. two Course Topics) before the end of a student’s second year in the program. Courses from other departments cannot replace this course.

MMG 1015Y°: Seminar

Students must give two research seminars and attend the weekly student seminars to obtain a grade for this course. The grade in this course is the average of the grades obtained in the two seminar presentations, minus any marks deducted for attending fewer than 70% of the seminar sessions.  See the “Student Seminar Courses” section below for a detailed course description. See Student Seminars for a full course description, and Seminar Schedules for the monthly and yearly schedules.

Ph.D. Course Requirements

All students enrolled in the Ph.D. program must successfully complete the courses above (or equivalent, see course waivers below) in addition to the following courses:

MMG 1016H°: Topics in Molecular Genetics II

Students must take 2 course topics (during the Ph.D. program). The mark in this course is the average of the two marks obtained in the two topics taken. This course may be replaced by a half course offered by a different department or by a course offered through collaborative programs. Courses taken to replace MMG1016H° must be approved by e-mail by the Graduate Coordinator and a course replacement form must be submitted prior to taking the course.

MMG 1017H°: Topics in Molecular Genetics III

Students must take 1 course topic, deliver one 20 minute research seminar, attend seminars, and evaluat 30 student seminars. The mark in this course is the average of the student seminar mark (minus any letter grade deduction due to poor attendance of the student seminar session) and the topic course mark. See Student Seminars for a full course description, and Seminar Schedules for the monthly and yearly schedules. Courses from other departments cannot replace this course.

Courses Offered by Other Departments

One topic/module offered by the Department of Biochemistry , or other graduate departments can be combined with an individual Molecular Genetics topic to complete MMG1012H/MMG1016H/MMG1017H, upon approval by the student’s supervisor and the Graduate Coordinator. Students must submit a Topic Replacement Form to the Graduate Program Administrator prior to commencement of the topic. Additional topics/modules may be taken upon approval, but will not count towards the degree requirement. Students from the Department of Molecular Genetics must follow the topic enrolment procedures of the host department.

Course Waivers

Students entering directly into the Ph.D. program after completion of a recognized M.Sc. degree in another department or university, may request to waive the MMG1012H° course requirement based on graduate course(s) previously taken. A waiver is obtained by submitting an MMG1012H Course Waiver Request, along with a description of the course content (~a half page description or a print-out of information from a course website) and a description of how the course mark was determined. The student must also attach a printout of his/her transcript showing the mark for the relevant course(s). This form must be presented and discussed at the first Supervisory Committee meeting. The committee must approve the course waiver by signing the form, which must then be submitted to the Graduate Program Administrator for subsequent review and approval by the Graduate Coordinator. If approved, the student must submit a Transfer Credit and/or Course Exemption form.  Note that the waiver is only valid if the student receives a minimum grade of A- in all topic courses offered by the Department. If a student decides not to implement the waiver, he/she must notify the Graduate Program Administrator as soon as possible. No other courses may be waived.

Failing a Course

The School of Graduate Studies requires students to complete all of their graduate courses with at least a B- or 70% grade. Failure to achieve a mark of 70% or greater in any required course may result in the termination of the student’s enrollment in the program. If a student fails a course, a Supervisory Committee meeting must be held, to decide whether the student is allowed to continue in the program. An Examination Committee member must be present at this meeting. If the student is allowed to remain in the program, the failed course must be repeated. The School of Graduate Studies requires that both the grade in the failed course and the grade in the repeated course be recorded on the student's transcript.

Undergraduate Courses

Our graduate students may take undergraduate courses at the University of Toronto free of charge, with the written permission of his/her supervisor. Graduate students taking undergraduate courses must fill out an Add/Drop Course(s) form (available on the SGS website), obtain signatures from their supervisor and the course instructor and bring the form to the Graduate Program Administrator before the course add deadline.