MMG 3006Y, Continuous, 0.25 credits


Course Content and Organization

This graduate professional development module is an integral component of the MMG 3006Y umbrella course. It’s organized as a continuous series of workshops and events that span the duration of the program, geared towards helping each student navigate their professional future in the field of Medical Genomics, including but not limited to:

·       The generation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP)

·       Resume/CV building and optimizing

·       Constructing a personal narrative and the importance of storytelling in the job interview process

·       Value propositions

This module is comprised of a combination of lecture, discussion, and project-based learning, and will include primarily the assessment of individual work.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to

1.     Refer to a fully-formed and realized IDP to organize their movement from the academic world at the University of Toronto towards a professional role

2.     Participate in informational and behavioural/fit interviews confidently, with a clear narrative around their own skills, competencies, and values

3.     Generate and rework their resumes/CVs and cover letters in an organization/position-dependent manner


Drs. Bruce Seet and David Sealey