Our Graduate Program is designed to help you succeed in your scientific career

Program Highlights

  • Rotation system - graduate students spend 5 weeks in 3 different labs before choosing which lab is right for them. 
  • Scientific colloquium - new graduate students spend time probing the minds of 12 visiting internationally renowned scientists whose discoveries intersect with our scientific interests.
  • Focus on research - we believe this is the best way to train our graduate students to become independent scientists. We require our graduate students to spend a total of only 84 hours for Ph.D. and 48 hours for M.Sc. students in the classroom over the course of their studies.
  • Direct entry to our Ph.D. program - for those qualified applicants who only have a B.Sc. degree. 
  • A straight-forward transition from the M.Sc. stream to the Ph.D. stream without having to write an M.Sc. thesis.
  • Admission into our program in September or January.
  • Four opportunities per year to apply to our Department.
  • A competitive & guaranteed stipend that does not require spending time being a Teaching Assistant, although those opportunities exist for those who are interested.
  • An annual scientific retreat at a rustic northern lake-side resort where students and faculty can exchange ideas and learn more from one another.
  • Young and energetic faculty - 32 members have been recruited to department over the past 10 years. Although our ‘experienced faculty’ are masters at adapting new scientific approaches, our newer faculty members bring an energy and perspective that provides new and exciting opportunities for our graduate students.