Each lecture date is split into two halves. In the first hour, an invited PI will give a one hour lecture on a specific topic of eukaryotic signaling. This will be followed by student presentations in the second hour.

Signaling Topics presented:

Igor Stagljar                Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling

Daniela Rotin              Serine/Threonine kinase signaling

Sean Egan                   Notch Signaling

Liliana Attisano          TGFb signaling

Stephane Anger          WNT signaling

Frank Sicheri               Protein kinase structure and function

Coordinators: Dr. Fank Sicheri and Dr. Daniela Rotin
Date:  April, 2020
Place: TBA
Enrollment: This course is being co-offered with the Department of Biochemistry. Biochemistry students should register for BCH2024H. Total enrollment will be half MoGen and half Biochem students.