This course will focus on selected topics in Growth Factors and Nervous System Development, with development defined in a broad sense that includes plasticity. The first class will be an introductory class, and then will be followed by 6 additional classes.  Each of these will be comprised of a short introduction followed by presentation of selected research papers by two students.  Other students in the class will be responsible for having read the papers and for participating in the discussion. 

Students will be assessed on their paper presentation, as well as on their participation in the discussion of the other selected papers.  In addition, students will be asked to identify an important/timely topic or question in the general area, and to very briefly present ideas about how they could experimentally address their chosen topic/question. This will be considered as part of their class participation.

 Grading Scheme:

50% - Class participation

50% - Class paper presentation

Attendance: Attendance in the classes is mandatory since a large part of the final mark is based upon class participation.  Although Attendance does not account for part of the final grade, failure to attend classes will lead to grade deductions. 

Coordinator: Dr. Freda Miller (fredam at and Dr. David Kaplan (dkaplan at
Dates:  Oct 1 - Nov 19, 2019 (exception: no class on November 5, 2019)
Time: 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM every Tuesday
Room/Location: PGCRL Building,16-9701, 16th floor, 686 Bay Street
Enrollment: Limited to 12 students

Course Syllabus