1. Two Component Regulators Examples of Two Component Regulators and Mechanisms PhoPQ Regulation of Virulence e.g. Salmonella Hybrid Kinases and Phosphorelays Mechanism of Transmembrane Signaling 
  2. Quorum Sensing The Vibrio fischeri LuxRLuxI Regulatory System Quorum Sensing in Vibrio Harveyi, Quorum Sensing in and pathogenesis Vibrio cholerae Bacteria, Quorum Sensing with Peptides in Gram-Positive Bacteria
  3. The general stress response - Sigma S dependent stationary phase and stress response and its regulation
  4. Regulation by samll non coding RNA's in bacteria
  5.  Type III secretion systems
  6.  Pathogenesis mechanism in Salmonella

Coordinators: Dr. A. Bognar & Dr. J. Brumell

Date: October - November, 2018

Time: TBA

Place: TBA