This seminar course will rely on student presentations of papers related to this exciting and rapidly evolving area of investigation. We will take examples from model organisms (including yeast, flies, frogs, etc.) and will include topics relating to genetic inheritance and eukaryotic chromosome biology. Topics covered will include checkpoint control, genetic instability, telomeres as well as the molecular mechanisms of genetic inheritance such as sister chromatid cohesion, chromosome condensation and segregation. In addition, expert speakers will be invited to give talks and host class discussions to allow students to interact with current leaders in the field.

Students will be expected to present one or more papers (35% of the total grade), to participate in discussions (25% of the total grade) and write a short (5 pp.) grant proposal on a topic unrelated to their area of research (40% of the total grade).

Coordinators: Dr. Brigitte LavoieDr. Daniel Durocher & Dr. Christopher Pearson
Dates: March - May, 2020
Place: TBA
Enrollment: Class size is limited to 12 students