Fungi are the cause of scores of life-threatening diseases, are the earth’s preeminent degraders of organic matter, include the best-characterized eukaryotic model systems, and are proving to be invaluable to science and manufacturing.  This course will focus on recent advances in fungal pathogenesis, with an emphasis on understanding the unusual sexual mechanisms of pathogenic fungi as well as the molecular mechanisms by which they cause disease and evolve resistance to antifungal drugs.  Papers selected for discussion will span genomics, signaling, cell identity, inter-species interactions, evolution, and models of pathogenesis.  Brief introductory lectures will set the stage for class discussion of selected papers.  Student grades will be based on participation in discussions, a written NSERC-style grant application, and referee reports on two grant proposals submitted by their peers.

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Coordinator: Dr. Leah Cowen
Dates: February - March, 2019
Place: Medical Sciences Building, #3290