This course will cover topics related to the mechanisms underlying post-transcriptional control of gene expression in eukaryotes. Students will be organized into 6 groups. Each group will be assigned a topic, develop a 60 min power point-assisted lecture that would be suitable to teach this topic to a class of first year graduate students, and present the lecture to the class. The 6 topics will be:

  1. RNA/protein interactions
  2. mRNA splicing,
  3.  mRNA export
  4. mRNA localization
  5. translational regulation, and
  6. control of mRNA stability

Each group should consult with Drs. Smibert and Cochrane regarding the content of each topic lecture.

Each class will begin with a student-led lecture, which will be followed by a discussion of one or two papers related to the lecture and then will end with a ~15 minute presentation by a second group outlining future experiments building on the findings of the presented papers. Note that the lecture should be developed with the content of the discussion paper in mind. Drs. Cochrane and Smibert will be responsible for selecting the papers for discussion.

Feb 11 - A brief organizational meeting to outline the course format and expectations and to
assign groups
Mar 17 - RNA/protein interactions
Mar 24 - mRNA splicing
Mar 31 - mRNA export
April 7 - mRNA localization
April 14 - Regulation of translation
April 21 - Regulation of mRNA stability

Coordinator: Dr. Alan Cochrane and Dr. Craig Smibert
Date: March- April, 2018
Place: TBA

Enrollment: 8-24 students