Introduction to Medical Genetics

This course provides an introduction to the cutting-edge field of medical genetics. Learn how discoveries in medical genetics have revolutionized the way we think about, and treat, genetic disease.
From this course, you will gain a foundation in human genetics and an understanding of the mechanisms causing human diseases like cancer. This course will inform you of how we are beginning to understand the complex basis of many human diseases, the innovative ways people with genetic diseases are now being treated and some of the associated ethical issues. You will discover how complicated genetic information is communicated to patients and families with the help of genetic counsellors. Finally, this course will touch on opportunities that exist for medical genetics to improve healthcare outside of Canada.
The course material is delivered online and is approximately equivalent to 36 lecture hours. The final exam will be taken on campus or at a pre-approved site off-campus

Prerequisite: BIO120H1, BIO130H1

Distribution: Requirement: Science

Breadth Requirement: Living Things and Their Environment (4)

Offered: Jan-Apr 2020