MGY380: Microbiology Laboratory I: Bacteria

A laboratory course in bacteriology. Students will perform a variety of genetic and biochemical experiments to identify and characterize unknown organisms, and learn how bacteria live together in biofilm and become resistant to antibiotics. Students will also learn important research tools and concepts including CRISPRi, transduction, and conjugation through experiments. Valuable not only for advanced work in microbiology but also in related fields that make use of bacteria and bacteriophages as research tools.

Prerequisite: BIO120H1, BIO230H1/ BIO255H1, HMB265H1/ BIO260H1
Corequisite: MGY377H1
Exclusion: MGY379Y1

Course Coordinator: Dr. Jun Liu

Offered: September - December, 2019

Lecture: Monday 11-12; Location: HS 696

Practical: Tuesday 9-12; Location: MSB 3282; MSB 3381