MGY381: Microbiology Laboratory II: Viruses

Hands-on experiments provide the opportunity to develop skills in working safely with human viruses. Important concepts are learned through analysis of results. Topics include propagation and assay of viruses, examination of viruses by electron microscopy, replication kinetics, host response to infection and viral vectors. Valuable not only in microbiology but in fields using viruses as vectors.

Please Note: The lab section P0101 is offered Tuesday 9AM-12PM. P0201 is offered Tuesday 2PM-5PM.  P0201 will be offered if numbers exceed capacity in P0101. Capacity in second term is determined by the need to work in biological safety cabinets which are limited in number.

Prerequisite: BIO120H1, BIO230H1/ BIO255H1, HMB265H1/ BIO260H1, MGY380H1
Corequisite: MGY378H1
Exclusion: MGY379Y1
Course Coordinator: Dr. Martha Brown

Offered: January - April, 2020

Lecture: Monday 11-12; Location: HS 100

Practical: Tuesday 9-12; Location: MSB 3282; MSB 3284; MSB 3381; MSB 3383