Opportunities for undergraduates to work and study in research laboratories.

If you are interested in doing undergraduate research please contact faculty via e-mail early in the fall term (September to December) for the possibility of doing research in the following summer or next school year. Note that faculty members receives several requests each year and are therefore unable to provide slots to everybody.  

When contacting faculty please provide:

  • details about yourself including an unofficial copy of your transcript
  • explain why you are interested in their lab
  • contact at least four or five labs to improve your chances for success

We also encourage students to visit the "Graduate and Life Sciences Education" website http://www.glse.utoronto.ca  for more information about doing graduate and undergraduate research.    This website holds a lot of information about research opportunities in other departments and in the hospitals affiliated with U of T.

Other useful information for prospective researchers:

Summer Research Program

There are many opportunities to do research during the summer in one of our active research laboratories. These positions may provide a small stipend.  Please click the link above for details on how to find a lab and apply.

MGY299Y: Research Opportunity Program

Credit course for supervised participation in faculty research project for 2nd year students. Detailed information is provided by the Faculty of Arts & Science:  Research Opportunity Program.

MGY480Y1: Special Research Project

An opportunity for specialized individual research for 4th year students in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology.  Students with an interest in graduate research are encouraged to participate.