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Guidelines for use:

1.      All of the University of Toronto’s signatures are official marks of the institution.  As such, they should be protected and their use, controlled.
2.      Any U of T signature must always appear exactly as designed and must never be altered in any way
3.      U of T’s signatures consist of two elements – the crest and a wordmark. These two elements must always appear together as part of a full University of Toronto signature – never use either the crest or a wordmark on its own
4.      U of T’s official colour is Pantone 655 (dark blue).  All U of T signatures must appear in Pantone 655, unless they are being used in black and white printed materials in which case black U of T signatures must be used
5.       All U of T signatures, whether P655 or black, must appear on a white background.  In order for U of T signatures to be fully accessible, please do not use them reversed out (or ‘white’)
6.       In printed materials, the width of the shield within the crest area of all U of T signatures must appear 0.25" or larger; on websites and other digital materials, it must appear 80 pixels in height or larger
7.      A minimum margin of clear space must be left around all sides of U of T signatures. This clear space must be equal to 50% of the height of the crest in all printed and digital materials, with the exception of websites where it must be equal to 25% of the height of the crest
8.      The University of Toronto’s visual identity is built on three main tiers – an overall U of T signature, Faculty signatures and departmental signatures.