Barbara Funnell, Ph.D.


MaRS Centre, West Tower
661 University Ave., Rm. 1632
Toronto, ON, M5G 1M1

Phone #: 416-978-1665

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Chromosome dynamics, segregation of bacterial plasmids


Postdoctoral Fellow:  Stanford University
Ph.D.:  University of Wisconsin, Madison
B.Sc.:  McGill University

Fields of Interest:

  • Cellular and Molecular Structure and Function
  • Molecular Microbiology and Infectious Disease


Research Interests:

Our interest is chromosome dynamics, in particular, the segregation, or partition, of bacterial plasmids. Plasmids carry genes beneficial to their bacterial hosts but often harmful to us, such as antibiotic resistance and pathogenesis genes. We study the mechanism of partition using the P1 plasmid model system in Escherichia coli.


Accepting Rotation Students: