The formal graduate courses offered within the Molecular Genetics graduate program are taught in modules known as “Topics”. One topic lasts for 6 weeks with one 2 hour session each week (i.e. 12 total hours in class). In-class sessions generally include lectures by professors and presentations by students on current literature. Classes often involve discussion of research papers. Topics are generally evaluated through assignments and class participation. Marks for topics will be available within 4 weeks after the due date of the last assignment for the topic. Students are strongly encouraged to contact course coordinators and pick up the marked assignments.

Below you will find a complete list of topics offered by the department. It should be noted that every topic is not offered in every year. Currently, each topic is offered every other year.

Registration & Deadlines

Registration for Topic Courses is done by filling out the form under the topic course description.  Only Topic Courses being offered in the coming Winter or Fall will have a form available. Forms will be up on the website in November for Winter courses and July for Fall courses. The deadline to register is January 15 for Winter courses and August 15 for Fall courses.

Registration is not on a first-come, first served basis. All students will be given equal consideration for registration in topic courses as long as they submit a request by the deadline. In cases where a topic course is over-subscribed, preference may be given to senior Molecular Genetics students.

Non-Molecular Genetics Students

Students from other departments must be registered in MMG1012H in order to take topic courses in this department.  Biochemistry students may use topic courses from this department to count towards the module courses offered by the Biochemistry department (check with your home department for details). Please contact the Graduate Office for more information. Note that students from other departments must also select their topics by the deadlines above.

The Department of Molecular Genetics offers the following course topics: