Departmental Seminar Programs

The Departmental Student Seminars are held Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. (see Seminar Schedules). Students present their research and receive input from faculty members and fellow students about their experiments and their presentations. Numerous informal seminars, journal clubs and laboratory meetings are also held at assorted venues across the Department. These provide a unique opportunity to hear colleagues' most recent experimental results and provide students with ample opportunities to hone their presentation skills; this experience proves invaluable when students begin to search for post-doctoral or other positions.

Student Seminar Courses (MMG1021H & MMG 1031Y)

Course Coordinators: TBA

The primary goal of the Student Seminar Courses is to provide practical experience and guidance in the clear and concise oral communication of research results to an audience of educated, though not specialist peers. This is an essential skill for anyone intending to seek a career in scientific research. Completion of this course is mandatory for all graduate students in the program. A secondary goal of the series is to give each student a broad knowledge of all aspects of research undertaken in the Department of Molecular Genetics. At any oral examination, a student may be asked to demonstrate some familiarity with research in the Department not necessarily closely related to their own. Attendance at the Student Seminars is the major means of acquiring this knowledge. Students should make every effort to attend all seminars. Student supervisors are also expected to attend the Student Seminars on a regular basis. Since an interactive audience is essential for the success of this series, students and faculty are also expected to ask questions. In order to promote the participation of students beyond the seminar presentations themselves, Ph.D. students enrolled in MMG1031Y participate in student evaluations following the presentations.

See the Graduate Handbook for full course descriptions.

For 2018: MMG1015/MMG1017 Evaluation Form and Appendix to Course Handout are found here. MMG1015 small group evaluation form is found here